Farm To Folk does in-house milling in small batches to ensure a guarantee of freshness and quality of our grains. Our Organic White Adlai contains 3 times more energy than rice, and 6 times more protein.

Locally grown and cultivated in the highlands of the Philippines and internationally known as Job’s Tears, Adlai is an heirloom local grain that is native to Southeast Asia and the Philippines. It is a high altitude crop that is grown where rice and corn do not grow well. It has a cereal like consistency and is very nutritious. It is greater in protein and good fat than rice and is more similar to Quinoa. It is slightly nutty, slightly sweet, and creamy in texture.

This grain is diabetic-friendly and gluten-free.

What's the Difference Between Brown Adlai and White Adlai?

Our Organic Brown Adlai undergoes a type of processing that retains more benefits such as dietary fiber content and protein. Also, it has a nuttier taste compared to our Organic White Adlai, which has a taste profile that is more similar to that of white rice.
Cook as how you would like your rice to be. Only use a 1:2 ratio for adlai to water. Using a conventional rice cooker, set the time to 30 to 40 minutes until light and fluffy. Use White Adlai as a healthy swap to regular rice! Or mix with your Superfood or salad bowls: savory or sweet, they pair well together.