Ultimate Mood Boosters

Ultimate Mood Boosters

Juan Paolo ConcepcionSeptember 10, 2019

Cassie (our daughter and favourite hand model) has reached that stage infamously known as the terrible two's, and quickly transitioning into the terrorist. Any parent who stays at home enough would know that trademark-able tantrums and memorable arguments are hallmarks of this once-in-a-lifetime stage where a kid pushes boundaries and asserts her budding independence. It will truly test one's character--trying to mold another. 

We've all been there. We've all had our days when you just wouldn't have any of the screaming. There are days when a toddler would simply push our buttons. Then we fight fire with fire--usually by scolding them--then watch them run away, usually terrified. Leaving us disappointed in ourselves. It's a never-ending cycle, and I admire my wife for keeping her cool so well!

Some changes needed to be made! I figured I couldn't regress and become that toddler while Cassie moves forward in her early childhood. 


I can't really say I "stumbled" upon berries cause I've been seeing them in the office for so many years now. But because of the medical books my wife had started reading, I considered adding them to my daily routine. I started consuming Berries, mixing them with my recovery drink after working out, and just simply snacking on them. I kid you not, I immediately experienced changes in my mood. It has an unexplicable mood-regulating effect. This was an immediate swing 24 hours after including it in my diet. And to think I've been consuming the rejects! Haha! No, not those with molds, just those that have become too mushy to serve. For this simple reason, I have become a believer in these berries. (My wife would have the medical explanation on Instagram why the berries are great mood boosters.)

How lucky are we to be living in a time when these fruits are readily available in our local grocers (and now online shops) for our daily consumption!

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