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Building A "New" You this 2020!

Juan Paolo ConcepcionFebruary 06, 2020

How many of us get a check up with fear of being sick? What if i told you that there are places that tell you how well you are, and help you stay that way? Wonderful times we live in!

Through the word of mouth of some very close friends, we chanced upon this clinic called Centro Holistico. It is located in the New Manila/Tomas Morato neighborhood. Being first-timers, we got our feet wet by starting with the Holistic Medical Consultation w/ Live Blood Analysis. You can find their other list of services on their social media accounts! We filled up some forms categorized according to body systems (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, etc) and common disturbances we experience, if any (headaches, stuffy nose, nausea, etc).

Next was an interview by Dra. Candy, about our basic dietary and exercise habits. Followed by a Live Blood Analysis.

What we found out:

    1. We are dehydrated!
      1. Working out 6 times a week should mean increasing water intake to 4litres compared to our normal 2.5 to 3 litres. As we saw in our Live blood analysis, our cells looked dehydrated, and not their usual round selves
    2. We had some crystal formations which meant 2 things:
      1. Sub-optimal (but not abnormal) utilisation of our bodies of our intake. I had Uric acid crystals because of Too much protein. The shocker came when my wife had crystals in her cells too! Probably from eating too much tuyo. 😂
    1. (More of the advise and findings on our Social media accounts!)

    My wife and I strive to live healthy lives. As mentioned, we work out 6x a week. Our diets include a lot of veggies in mine, and lots of fruits in Dianne’s. Although very hard to do, we also try to limit our intake of animal fats. Dianne only eats quinoa, while I, on the other hand, cannot resist the grips of Japanese white rice.

    All of us are predisposed to some form of disease, one way or another. CH helps us run our lives in an optimal way by providing insight on what our bodies are trying to tell us

    As with anything worth doing in life, the journey to health and wellness is a marathon, not a sprint. We pick up insights along the way and find bits and pieces of tips and knowledge we may or may not choose to use. Reading this, I am sure you are one of those eager to sustain life at a very high level, with the most natural means available to you.

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