Welcome to Crate2Plate!

Welcome to Crate2Plate!

Juan Paolo ConcepcionAugust 19, 2019

Welcome to Crate2Plate! Our company was originally named Lemons&Greens back in 2015 when we were literally selling just LEMONS (would you believe?) and Green(s) aka Organic Kale! Slowly but surely, we bootstrapped (growing a business with limited funds) our way to the online community (we have 25,000 followers on Instagram) you experience now!

These are exciting times for everyone! We see that the palates of our suki's and shoppers are getting more adventurous and diverse, enjoying the new flavors and textures we bring to the table literally; and the internet has made it so much more accessible.
Join us as we try to bring these fruits into the light they deserve. Eating healthy may come at a price, but the quality and and happiness that you share will be priceless.
Paolo of Crate2Plate

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