What's in Your Toddler's School Bag?

What's in Your Toddler's School Bag?

Juan Paolo ConcepcionSeptember 15, 2019


For about nearly a month, we've been dropping CC off at her playschool (shoutout to Playscape Manila!) twice a week, ³somewhere in San Juan. I don't know what's been more difficult--actually leaving her or guessing what food she'd feel like eating during snacktime. I can imagine that this is a normal struggle for any parent (or is it just me and my wife? Haha!). Breadpan is a sure hit, along with Pocky, Siopao, Siomai, and those little Mushroom/Beef Shabu Shabu balls... and of course fruits. Her school bag transforms into a mini tiangge for one snack. Recently, she shifted her favorite from Berries to "Cawa cawa" (Cara cara) oranges. 

The usual drill is, we hop off at the building lobby, ask her if she wants any snacks (and she usually does have a bite of her fruit section in the lunchbox), until she warms up enough to be ready to be dropped off in playschool. We hug and kiss goodbye, with the promise that mommy (i drop her off, mommy waits in car because "dede is life") will fetch her after the goodbye song.

I think school dropoff is more of an exercise for me and Dianne than for CC. Because at the end of the day that's what we do; we feed them (kids), nurture them, and promise them that after they experience things for themselves, we will be there to process and share stories with them--be it after playschool, big school, or if we're lucky enough, after every milestone of their lives.

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